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Applications may be submitted online or applications can be printed then faxed or mailed to:

Dawn McHale
National PADRECC/Consortium Coordinator
VA Parkinson's Disease Consortium #127
Philadelphia VA Medical Center
University and Woodland Avenues
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(w) 215-823-5800 ext. 2238 (f) 215-823-4603

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*Note: These materials will be sent in a case of 40-50 copies from the National Parkinson Foundation. Please specify if you are looking for materials in languages other than English.

Parkinson's Disease: What You and Your Family Should Know (NPF Publication)

Parkinson's Disease: Caring and Coping (NPF Publication)

Parkinson's Disease: Medications (NPF Publication)

Parkinson's Disease: Fitness Counts (NPF Publication)

Parkinson's Disease: Speaking Out (NPF Publication)

Parkinson's Disease: Nutrition Matters (NPF Publication)

Parkinson's Disease: Mind, Mood and Memory (NPF Publication)

Parkinson's Disease: Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy (NPF Publication)

Activities of Daily Living: Practical Pointers for PD (NPF Publication)

Practical Guide for Practitioners (NPF Publication)

Support Group Leader's Manual (NPF Publication)

Should You Volunteer? PD Research Studies (NPF Brochure)

Your Guide to Parkinson's Disease (NPF Brochure)

Parkinson Report (NPF Quarterly Newsletter)

Medical Alert Card (NPF Item)

*Note: These materials will be sent in a case of 50-100 copies from the American Parkinson's Disease Association. Please specify if you are looking for materials in languages other than English.

Be Active: Exercise Booklet (APDA Publication)

Be Independent: Equipment & Suggestions (APDA Publication)

Good Nutrition (APDA Publication)

Speaking Effectively: Speech & Swallowing (APDA Publication)

Parkinson's Disease Handbook (APDA Publication)

PD n' Me: Coping with Parkinson's (APDA Publication)

Young Parkinson's Disease Handbook (APDA Publication)

My Mommy Has PD (APDA Publication)

Aquatic Exercises for Parkinson's Disease (APDA Publication)

How to Start a Parkinson's Disease Support Group (APDA Publication)

Hospitalization of a Parkinson Patient (APDA Supplement)

The Living Will & Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare (APDA Supplement)

The Family Unit & Parkinson's Disease (APDA Supplement)

Helping Your Partner: What Not To Do! (APDA Supplement)

The Challenge of Parkinson's Disease: Adapting to a Nursing Home (APDA Supplement)

Recreation & Socialization in Parkinson's Disease (APDA Supplement)

Medical Management of Parkinson's Disease (APDA Supplement)

When Should PD Patients Go to the Emergency Room (APDA Supplement)

Vision Problems & PD (APDA Supplement)

Comtan: Extending the Benefits of Levodopa (APDA Supplement)

Mirapex in the Treatment of PD (APDA Supplement)

Fatigue in Parkinson's Disease (APDA Supplement)

34 Helpful Hints (APDA Item)

In Case of Emergency Card (APDA Item)

Patient Identification Card (APDA Item)

*Note: These materials will be sent in a case of 25 copies and are only available in English from the Parkinson's Disease Foundation.

PDF Introductory Packet

PDF News & Review

Parkinson's Disease Q&A

Diagnosis Parkinson's Disease

Web Resources for Parkinson's

Deep Brain Stimulation for PD

Parkinson's Advocacy

Fulfilling the Hope

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